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Connecting consumers and organizations to healthcare experts, insights, and technologies.

TechLink Health is a future of health advisory app helping to connect the dots in healthcare by creating channels to access digital health insights and advisory services. 

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Discover healthcare insights, expertise, and technologies in a touch of a button or tap of a link 

For health & wellness consumers

Browse profiles of healthcare experts or discover health-focused



For startups & organizations

Connect with medical experts and key opinion leaders to address future strategies, add diversity of thought, or access advisory services. 

1. download

Multimedia driven insights. Curated healthcare content for all.  Browse quickly and save favorites.

2. Discover

Connect with healthcare advisors, medical experts, and key opinion leaders. Discover digital health technologies for a variety of conditions.


Add more connectivity in achieving the best outcomes by accessing scheduling calendars, bio links, and other expert specific content.

Empowering patients and practitioners with a connected path to care and insights 

Providers within the network have access to secure and compliant resources


Schedule time with extended network in-app or by sharing scheduling link


Secure access and storage of digital forms and other documents



Offer general or billable sessions with payment collection at scheduling 


High definition video conferencing via web or mobile device

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